Found Some Really Great Picture Ideas From

My husband and I found out a few months ago that we were expecting a baby. We had tried for a few years and thought it was never going to happen and maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. You can imagine our surprise when we got a positive pregnancy test result. We have been so happy and so excited about having a baby. We don’t know if we are having a boy or a girl yet, but we have been discussing several different baby ideas in general.

We have talked about names for our baby and have narrowed our options down for both girl names and boy names. Picking a name for our baby is going to be hard and hopefully once we find out what we are having, we will be able to choose a little more carefully. This was one thing a friend of mine said was the hardest part about having a baby and that’s why we wanted to start looking and deciding on names early on.

I know that I want to have both pregnancy pictures and newborn pictures done. I want to wait a few more months until I get the pregnancy pictures done so I am showing in them, but I have been looking at lots of different ideas about pictures to figure out what and how I want them to be done. I want to make sure the photographer I choose knows exactly what I want.

I have been searching around online and looking at different photographer websites to get some ideas. That’s when I came across There are so many pictures that are on this website and there are really great ideas. I have found both pregnancy and newborn picture ideas here and I can’t wait to try them out. I really wish the photographer from was closer so I could have them do the pictures. They are obviously really great at taking them and there are so many people that have great things to say.

I wanted to share the pictures I found on Facebook so I could ask my friends what they think about the ideas and if they like them. It shocked me when a few of my friends commented and said they loved the pictures this photographer takes and they even follow them on social media. They said they always take wonderful pictures and many people get great ideas from them, however the pictures from other photographers just aren’t the same. I got great feedback otherwise from my friends that said they loved these poses and thought they would be perfect. My husband thinks so too and has picked out the ones he wants. He also looked through the newborn photography and found ones he likes there. We have saved some ideas from this website so once we find out the sex of the baby we can decide what kind of newborn pictures we want. We are both excited.