Online Reputation Management (ORM)

While an excellent website design and top SEO ranking are extremely important for business, it is important to have a strong brand. However, with the increase in some customers, there could also possibly be an increase in some unsatisfied or irate customers. While all the companies have to face such clients, the method used to tackle these customers determines the long-term success of the company.

Online reputation is all about eliminating or pushing down negative comments on search engines about your business.

However, it involves lots of other activities like promoting your business through various online mediums like blogs, forums, alternative websites, social networking sites, etc. It also includes finding out triumphal and satisfied customers and requesting testimonials or appreciation comments at various locations.

In short, online reputation management, as all about improving, enhancing and maintaining the reputation of your business on the web. However, utmost care must be taken while doing this as a minor oversight or mistake can result in negative reputation. It ensures you don’t do that is hiring the right company to handle your ORM. Web Design by Kathryn Mahon is known around the web for providing the best reputation management services to its clients with proven track record.